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1.) The cost of everything is going up — how are regular people supposed to survive?

Have you felt the pain at the pump and the grocery store these past several months? I don't know about y'all, but I'm constantly trying to trim things out of our family budget because the cost of everything is going up.

I think Alabamians are getting a raw deal — we pay so much money in taxes and see very little benefit. But the kicker is INFLATION. This is a stealth tax that hurts the middle class and the most vulnerable among us. Because politicians are nervous about taxing us more, they steal it from us by having the Federal Reserve print more money. More dollars in circulation coupled with the government's love of unrestrained spending means that prices are going to continue climb. What happened to "an honest day's work for an honest day's wage?"

The Dems blames Putin - what a joke.

The GOP blames the Dems - and while there is truth to this, there is responsibility and blame that goes to the GOP too. The GOP absolutely contributed to this.

Next Steps: We have to PAUSE federal spending and work towards a Balanced Budget Amendment. Develop a plan to slowly REDUCE spending and the size of government. We need to audit the Federal Reserve and direct them to not increase the monetary supply. We need to take a hard look at the mistakes that were made in the past.

I would convene a special committee consisting of our country's greatest thought leaders NOT in the current camp of economic thought "Keynesian economics" to develop a plan to reverse the pain that our Democrat and Republican politicians have inflicted upon us.

Fun Fact: In 1997 (R) Robert Aderholt  was first elected, the national debt was $5 trillion. This year it has eclipsed $30 trillion. Every single person in this country has a share of that debt — $91,443. Republicans talk about being fiscally conservative, but if you were in a position of power for 25 years and the national debt grew six times its original size, this is FAILURE. We don't need "bobblehead" politicians that just do everything party leaders say, we need individuals willing to FIGHT! Borrowing and printing money now is not fair to us, our children, and those that will come generations after.

2.) Too much power in Washington, D.C.

Truthfully, the government is ran by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy. Everything is TOP DOWN. These D.C. politicians run each other down on mainstream media outlets and laugh about it behind closed doors at the swankiest places around the capitol. THEY DON'T EVEN READ THE BILLS THEY VOTE ON!  I would make a promise to voters that I would read every bill prior to voting and if prevented by doing so, I will be more effective than our current "representatives" in sounding the alarm bell to the American people. Perhaps we can author some legislation making members of Congress sign an affidavit that they did in fact read the bill they are about to vote on.

The federal government has grown substantially over time (ignoring the guard rails that the Constitution places upon it) and has consistently made the wrong decisions, hurting Alabamians. We need people who are going to fight to advance the cause of liberty.

Think about it. If you are afraid when the person you didn't vote for assumes office, that means the office has too much power!

Next steps: We need the vast majority of decisions to be made at the local level. That means reducing the power of D.C. and rolling it back to Montgomery. That also means reducing the power of Montgomery and rolling it back to the towns and counties we live in. We need voices in the national dialogue advancing the concept of decentralization of power. I will be that voice and work with anyone willing to join me.

3.) The two old parties offer no vision for the country

I've followed enough election cycles and have seen the same old thing every time. The best the red and blue team can say is, "Vote for me, I'm against the other team." They basically win an election, fund raise, pay lip service to whatever is the trending topic, and then try to keep their seat in the next election. THIS IS NOT LEADERSHIP.

I want to capture the imagination of young people. We need to explore and master both the seas and the stars. America needs to be the best place in the world to receive an education, to start a business, to raise a family. The politicians of the past gutted our country and sent our manufacturing overseas. I want America to become a makerspace. If you want to create or build anything, ranging from art to life changing medicines and rockets, we need to create the conditions that make America the best place on earth for that to happen.

Committee to Elect Johnny C. Cochran
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