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Race for Alabama Congressional District 4 now a three-way race

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Johnny C. Cochran is one of 69 Libertarian Party candidates on the ballot this fall across the state of Alabama, running in a three-way race for U.S. Congressional District Four.

Cochran (38) is a Tuscaloosa resident, husband, and father of two. His primary reason for running is the cost of everything rising rapidly over the last few years due to federal government overspending and overreach.

“How are middle class families and the most vulnerable among us supposed to survive while our income stagnates and the cost of everything, including basic necessities, rises?” asks Cochran. “The two old parties blame each other, when in fact they are both to blame alongside the harmful economic interference and poisonous policies of the Federal Reserve. The American people are over-taxed, the government spends more than they take in and then all this new money shows up out of thin air causing disastrous inflation.”

“And while the money supply explodes, the federal debt has skyrocketed along with it. In 1997 when incumbent District 4 Rep. Robert Aderholt (R) was elected, the national debt was $5 trillion — now it’s over $30 trillion.”

“For people who claim to be fiscally responsible, by any measure this can be called nothing other than a failure,” Cochran said. “You better believe I would be the digital age Paul Revere, ringing the alarm bells that the debt amounts to more than $90,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. Once elected, I will work tirelessly to stop the irresponsible madness of reckless spending that both the Democratic and the Republican parties in Washington, D.C. have created and perpetuated in our nation.”

Cochran has been involved in Republican politics since 2002 and was an active volunteer for the 2008 and 2012 Republican primary campaigns for former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.

“While I was proud to support Paul’s campaign, I became disillusioned by how the Republican party operates. The powerful elites at the top call all the shots, and the voices of the people on the ground, the voters, only get paid lip service,” said Cochran.

“The future battles in this country will not be between progressives and conservatives, but between centralization of power versus decentralization. We need to restrain D.C. as much as we can and kick as much decision-making power down to Montgomery, then restrain Montgomery to have as much autonomy in our local communities.”

Cochran officially switched party registration after the 2020 election and is helping the Libertarian Party of Alabama form an affiliate for Tuscaloosa County. The group’s first interest meeting is taking place at Harry’s Bar, 1330 Hargrove Road, Tuscaloosa, on June 28 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Details of Cochran’s campaign as well as a sign-up form for his events and mailing list can be found on his campaign website,

Committee to Elect Johnny C. Cochran
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